Astronomy Laser Holder

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Astronomy laser holder with an astronomy laser pointer mounted allows you a free view of clouds, stars and constellations in various astronomy star pointing and research. This laser bracket provides amateurs the most convenient view of celestial objects in astronomy research.

astronomy laser holder

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The astronomy laser holder is durably manufactured by aircraft used aluminum alloy body material. It is featured by its superior application with astronomy laser pointer in various astronomy reaches and observations.

Operation instruction:
Simply insert the laser pointer (diameter max: 15mm) into astronomy laser holder (internal diameter max: 47mm) and keep it steady until the laser switch is in the neutral position as shown. Thus the laser switch can be momentarily pressed and a rough altitude adjustment can be made. Pushing the laser further will engage the switch against the forward section of the holder turning the laser on.

Just follow the instruction and keep your laser pointer steadily in holder. The adjustable height and a potential of 360 degrees rotation have made holder workable on all series of astronomy laser pointers worldwide.

Technical parameters:
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Mount Diameter:  15mm-20mm
Dimension: 120mm×85mm
Weight: 250g

astronomy laser holder

Astronomy laser holders being sold are not toys. They are specialized laser holders applied in education, astronomy research, and laboratory only.

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